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Friendship books with adventurous twists

Friendship books with adventurous twists

Friendship books with adventurous twistsFriendship books with adventurous twists

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 by Lisa Morgan


Kate Patrick holds onto the belief that Christmastime is magical, and that miracles just might exist.

She has sadly outgrown her beloved pony. He's the only horse she's ever ridden, so she can't imagine selling him. When he turns up lame, she doesn't have a choice. She needs a horse to ride, especially if she wants to compete at the higher level. But selling her pony is harder than she thought. Can the Horse Club find a way for her to keep him, and to buy a new horse?

Suggested reading level: Age 8 and up, but as heard often, you are never too old to read this heartfelt book.

A must read anytime of year.

A couple reviews:

5 Stars. Amazing. I absolutely loved this book. ;) It was so fun! I would recommend it to anyone who loves horses!!! Horses are so fun!!!

5 Stars. The Christmas Horse. I rated it like this because this is a perfect story for ANY girl on Christmas. I love horses.




 by Lisa Morgan

Candice Parker is overjoyed to lease her first horse. But when the horse’s owner, Kate Patrick, becomes jealous, Candice begins to regret the decision. Walking away isn’t an option, though. Candice already loves the pony. She needs to figure out a way to fit in with the older girls before it’s too late. Will she be able to keep the lease, and be invited to join the Horse Club?

Kate Patrick is bothered to watch someone else ride her beloved horse, especially precious little Candice Parker. When fear issues keep Kate from bonding with her new horse, she considers selling him. Then cute Josh Thompson offers to help her ride. But after the Valentine's dance, her best friend claims him for herself. Unfortunately, Kate has some tough choices to make.

Lisa Morgan explores the complex emotions kids face today. She delves into fear issues, jealousy, fitting in, and social issues. Recommended reading level-age 9 and up.

Review from Holly Hudspeth--Advanced level event rider and CP Level IV Instructor: A must read for all horse-crazy kids that is hard to put down. The book relates to every aspect of life through the wonderful lessons we learn from horses. I also recommend this book to grown adults like brings back wonderful memories.




 by Lisa Morgan

A horse mysteriously shows up at the barn during a storm. The Horse Club girls want to keep him, but when their trainer threatens to send him to a horse rescue, the girls think up a crazy plan to remove him from the barn during the night and hide him in an abandoned barn. But how will they care for a hidden horse? 

A scheme like this requires teamwork, but when they start disagreeing and arguing about a boy, will they be able to continue working together? The guilt increases from hiding a secret, and the adventure becomes a wild ride, not to mention they fall in love with the Mystery Horse. How long can they hide a horse without the adults finding out?

Mystery Horse is an amazing story about girls, horses, boys, and adventures... and dealing with peer pressure and bullies. Are you brave enough to join the adventure with the Horse Club? Mystery Horse is a story you'll likely never forget.

5 Stars! Book is great.

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 by Lisa Morgan

If you love Misty of Chincoteague, you'll love this horse story about a young girl surviving divorce. 

It's full of adventure, emotion, and learning what life is about! It packs an emotional punch you are sure to love.

More than anything, Kara Ellis wants to own a wild horse from Shackleford Banks, especially the amazing Bruno. But he isn't up for adoption. Even if he was, with her parents' divorce, they can't afford one. She wishes, though, that she had a horse to love to help her through the grieving process.

The wild horse, Bruno, has his own problems. His father, the mighty stallion, has kicked Bruno out of the herd, forcing him to leave the safety of his family. At age two, it's time for him to earn his own territory, and his own herd. But no one told him how difficult that would be. A bigger, slightly older bully of a horse is determined to fight Bruno for the territory they both want, even if the battle ends in death.

Kara and Bruno's lives take a similar and twisting path. Take the emotional journey with them as they discover whom they are, and how they fit in the ever-changing world.

Lisa Morgan delves into difficult topics such as divorce, bullies, and maturity, along with the spiritual path of love, sacrifice, and bravery. And of course, she specializes in equestrian stories. Suggested reading level is 5th grade and above. Happy reading!

5 stars! Loved this book! Reminded me of a family vacation to Chincoteague Island. Now I can't wait to go back!
Can't wait to read more books by Lisa Morgan! 5 stars!!

5 Stars! While this book was written for children, I am an adult and absolutely loved this book. I grew up exploring around Shackelford Banks and felt like I learned so much about the history of the wild horses on the island through this well written story. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a horse lover or that enjoys a heart warming story about a young person following their passion.

5 Stars! This book reminds me of Misty of Chincoteague. I love horses and this story was so sweet. Highly recommend!