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Friendship books with adventurous twists

Friendship books with adventurous twists

Friendship books with adventurous twistsFriendship books with adventurous twists

About Lisa Morgan

Award-winning author, Lisa Morgan, writes about friendships, social issues, divorce, and overcoming

About Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan started riding horses when she was in the third grade. She competed on the Hunter Jumper circuit, and eventually became a riding instructor. She has three kids, but only one has inherited her love of horses. Through their own experiences with horses, Lisa came up with the idea for the Horse Club  and the Shackleford Banks' series. She hopes you continue to enjoy both series.

She started writing when she was in the eighth grade. Her English teacher asked Lisa to write a short story for a contest because she thought Lisa had a good chance to win. That was the first Lisa had heard about possibly having writing skills. She wrote the story but rushed the ending because she wasn't all that "into" it. The teacher later told her she would have won except the ending wasn't realistic. Lisa, disappointed that she ruined a good chance, learned a valuable lesson.

Later in college, her professor asked if he could use her essay as an example for future students. Once again, Lisa was surprised to hear she possibly had writing talent. To her, writing came easily and she never thought she put much effort into her projects, but her teachers thought differently.

As an adult, Lisa got married, had kids, and found that when her kids were sleeping, she found it difficult not to read. She read, read some more, and then some more. She watched her mother write poems and memoirs. One day, after trying to read a book with a frustrating plot, she threw the book across the room, thinking she could write better than that. She sat down at her computer and began writing. Unfortunately, writing a book was a lot harder than she thought. She took more online workshops than she wants to think about, joined a worldwide writing organization and attended several conferences to improve her skills.

She started writing women's fiction as Lori Hayes but a nagging voice kept bouncing around in her mind. She wanted to write about girls and horses. By this time her daughter started riding. Lisa gave her The Christmas Horse to read first. Her daughter stayed up late one night and finished the book, saying she couldn't put it down. The book hit Amazon's bestseller list for an entire year. Writing about horses is Lisa's passion.

Lisa Morgan delves into difficult topics such as divorce, bullies, and maturity, along with the spiritual path of love, sacrifice, and bravery.

She hopes you enjoy reading The Horse Club books and the Shackleford Banks series.

Happy reading!